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Attempting to determine costs before diagnosing is about as difficult as determining where your ball is going to land when making that shot.


Unlike larger companies or franchises my overhead is considerably lower thus allowing me to charge less for same repairs.


Once I diagnose your appliance I will give you a total estimate for the repair including parts, labor and tax. If you decide not  to repair then a diagnostic and trip fee will be charged which is 89.00.*

*Premium appliances; including LG, Samsung and Kitchen-Aid refrigerators have a diagnostic and trip fee of 99.00.

Unlike other companies I will be happy to discuss potential repair costs before coming out especially if you know what the problem is or if I can determine based on your explanation of the problem.

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We would like to inform our customers that during this difficult time in dealing with the coronavirus that we are concerned with the safety of all our families here in The Villages.  As Villagers we look out for our community and safety of all we serve.  If you have any appliance repair needs, please contact us.  We are here to help.

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